Working in the Newsroom: INF

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This summer, the College of Journalism and Communications at the University of Florida finished building the Integrated News Facility (INF). The INF newsroom is where all students at the university can collaborate together on news reporting for the WUFT station affiliated with NPR. This semester, I’m working as a web producer for online materials through my Editing course lab.

As my first time in the WUFT Integrated News Facility, I found the experience quite enriching. Monday was my first time working in a newsroom, and the atmosphere of the INF definitely felt like a real newsroom, similar to what I imagine working for a local media source would be like. I thought the additions of the television and radio gear in the INF was a very neat learning experience and environment than just the typical newspaper newsroom.

This summer I will be interning with the Tallahassee Democrat newspaper as a web producer. I am very excited to have a pre-web producing experience through my position this semester with the same job. By earning a newsroom experience with WUFT, I feel I will be more prepared for my summer internship.

I believe this experience in the newsroom on Mondays is more beneficial than a regular journalism lab because these articles are actually published for a media source and not just a run-of-the-mill class assignment. I enjoy collaborating with and meeting the other students. I also liked working with other communications majors in addition to journalism majors.

These are the following clips I worked on during my Monday INF experience from 9 a.m. – 1:30 p.m.

In the News: I searched the Twitter feeds as well as numerous national, state and local websites for a snapshot of popular news and events of the weekend. I was able to have my byline on this feature. I really enjoyed compiling these news stories because I was able to synthesize the major news events of the weekend and read articles as my first task of the day.

‘Venus in Fur’ coming to Gainesville’s Hippodrome Theatre: I wrote the text of this interview conducted by a radio student. While a shorter piece, I found the writing took me longer than I expected because the interview was more than 10 minutes and I could not pause and rewind the interview. Each time I wanted to copy a quote word-for-word in attribution, I had to start the interview all over again. Listening over and over was tedious, but I liked completing the task and felt accomplished afterward.

The changing face of home economics: While my name is not listed on this article, I edited this story quite a lot. The other student working on this assignment had to leave to cover a story, since she was a Reporting and Writing for Online Media student. I took out my handy-dandy AP Stylebook and edited away. I gave correct attributions, re-worded the grammar and punctuation, and I also fact-checked. I called Gainesville High School for the correct spelling of the teacher’s name in the article since the radio student did not have the spelling available for any of her sources. Additionally, the student who spoke at the end of the clip was not attributed, so I could not include his name or quote.

Construction to begin on Archer to Gainesville bike trail: Again, I am not listed on this article, but I edited this article. The article did not need much work at all, and soon after my shift was finished.


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