Spring Semester & Summer Plans

May 14, 2012 at 6:46 pm (Uncategorized)

After taking Reporting last semester, I thought this one would be a tad lighter, but it was hard in a different way. I officially became a dual major in history and multimedia journalism, taking two history courses (museum studies and modern middle eastern history), a web design class and beginning Italian I. The reading was so intense, but I learned a lot about topics I had no experience with and I was able to spend time with organizations rather than 100% schoolwork.

As far as the summer goes, I will be interning with National History Day at the University of Maryland just outside Washington, D.C. for the month of June. For July and part of August, I will be studying abroad in Rome, Italy for six weeks before heading back to UF for Housing training. I will have a separate blog for my Italian experiences (though I will start it closer to when I am leaving for my trip).

Here are some highlights from the semester:

  1. Becoming a “Big Dip” in Campus Diplomats: Spring marked the end of my first year of being a UF Campus Diplomat Ambassador for the Dean of Students Office. With spring came my opportunity to become a Big Dip by taking on a Little Dip of the new Dips class. I was super lucky to have Amy as my Little, and there couldn’t be a more perfect match! I’ll also be co-chairing UF’s Family Weekend in the fall.

    Amy's Campus Diplomats Induction 2012

    Amy’s Campus Diplomats Induction 2012

  2. Trusler Hall’s Leader Scholar Program Graduation: As a Peer Mentor this year in the residence hall I lived in last year, I had the pleasure of meeting 53 amazing freshmen girls on my floor and helping them along their first-year of college with one of my best friends who was the RA (and my Peer Mentor last year!). I learned so much about them and myself. This was another opportunity for me to grow in independence and leadership. The other three Peer Mentors and I planned a good 2-4 programs a month for the whole year in addition to other responsibilities, culminating in the LSP graduation of 61 Trusler residents!

    LSP Graduation 2012 GT3

    LSP Graduation 2012 GT3<3 (Girls of Trusler 3rd Floor love!)

  3. Learning CSS3 and HTML5: Web Design was probably my favorite class this semester. I love design and combining that with the Internet was another great skill to develop. I recently became the webmaster for the UF chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists in order to utilize what I’ve learned this semester and gain more experience in the Web. Here are the two sites I developed this semester:

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