Update on Fall Semester: Data Vis, Reporting, and Jobs

December 23, 2011 at 12:41 am (Uncategorized)

It’s been such a busy semester that I didn’t have much free time nor did I post a blog since August! Here’s an update on my fall semester:

1) After planning every weekly story, scheduling interviews, writing a weekly in-class assignment and taking an AP style quiz, I can successfully say I survived UF’s “weed-out” reporting class!

2) I learned a lot of interesting media skills in the journalism industry this year through my two favorite classes, multimedia reporting and visual journalism. I made videos, took photographs, created designs and logos, and even made a data visualization project, something I’m most proud of.  This is an inspiring video my teacher showed us to prepare us for the data vis project (since her lecture, I’ve become addicted to TED Talks). edwards.datavis is my end result. You can’t tell with the pdf file, but the boxes are a lighter gray and when you click on each celebrity’s name, the charities they donate to grow darker – but that’s the html/flash interactive part I can’t’ upload. Now I’m super excited to take the web design .html coding course in the spring!

3) I’ve officially transferred to a Mac and have smoothly transitioned into using an iPhone. Truly the products help journalists stay in tune with the news more quickly. It’s kind of scary I’m considering that police scanner app….maybe when I’m a professional…

4) With the help of my prolific reporting class, I was published quite a bit in the Tallahassee Democrat, Gainesville Sun, and The Alligator (check out my clips for the articles). I’ve also been writing a monthly art features article for the Council on Culture and the Arts. Starting this month, I’ve been writing freelance articles for magazine publishing company Tower Publications, Inc. in Gainesville, Fla. A highlight of my exam week was visiting/reporting on a local Gainesville business that rescues wild animals including lemurs, tigers, lions, mountain lions, and alligators. I also took some neat pictures with my new camera!

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Have a Merry Christmas and I hope to continue my updates and interesting journalism lessons I learn!


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