A Major Malfunction

August 2, 2011 at 7:00 am (Uncategorized)

Hearing success stories of individuals on reality shows and news networks pursuing their dreams provides such an inspiration.

Well, instead of focusing on the national spotlight, what about looking for inspiration through friends?

Recently, I Skyped with a friend who is in the process of earning a dance degree as well as a pre-physical therapy degree. Stories of students like my friend who follow a career passion are truly special. And rare.

Unfortunately, many students feel the need to choose the “right” major. But what most students tend to forget when choosing a major(s) are their talents and proclivity toward certain subjects. According to a 2005 article by MSNBC, 80 percent of college-bound students have not chosen a major and are thus forced to select one at the last moment. This type of situation can lead to parents telling their child to pursue a major of the parents’ choice, students choosing an unreasonable or unsuitable major for themselves and wasting valuable credits and money.

If you, or a friend, need some assistance in choosing college majors, you might want to follow some of these tips provided by the University of Florida  Career Resource Center:

  1. Self Assessment: What are your interests, skills, values and personality?
  2. Exploring Options: Research your college’s course offerings, meet with an adviser, explore career opportunities for your major, talk to someone in the profession and utilize your college’s career services.
  3. Decision: If you have multiple interests, choose a major with many career paths and prioritize things you value most in a career to decide between majors.
  4. Evaluating Choices: Gain classroom experience and work experience through internships.

Check out these tips if you are considering a change of major.


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