Good to know…I guess

June 25, 2011 at 3:52 pm (Uncategorized)

Journalists usually choose their course of study for the rewarding feeling that comes when they make a difference in the world through writing – not so much for the salary.

I’m not necessarily sure what I was expecting when I read this study from Georgetown University. A $50,000 salary seems pretty good for a starting salary, but maybe not for a full-time career when considering family expenses and the irregular working hours.

Graduate school right after college seemed like a given to me when I was younger. Now I’m discovering journalists aren’t required to have graduate degrees to earn jobs after college. However, to be promoted, journalists – like any other profession – need a graduate school degree.

Teachers have suggested gaining in-the-field knowledge and life experiences, such as traveling and learning skills not specifically pertaining to journalism, before earning a higher degree. I think I agree. With my goal of graduating with dual majors in journalism and history, I’m beginning to see working before graduate school will give me the chance to see what master’s degree I will truly need. Wasting large amounts of money on a useless degree is something I don’t want to do.


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