About This Blog

June 6, 2011 at 1:52 am (About Page)

Welcome! My goal for this blog is to share my experiences as I go through the journeys of becoming a journalist. Through this process I hope you will learn valuable information as I gain insight into how the inner workings of our social society are formed.

This is my second blog, but I explore a separate topic from my first. Through my first blog, I incorporate history with my writing, online media and design skills; it is my way of sharing my journalism and history interests with others.

I was first introduced to journalism in my school’s seventh grade yearbook after-school program. Designing layouts, writing copy and taking pictures was so much fun – the arts always brought me enjoyment. The next summer I attended a yearbook workshop with my teacher and my eyes were opened to a number of different design techniques and story angles. I kept attending the workshops and in high school I continued to work with yearbook as an assistant editor and editor-in-chief my freshman and sophomore years, respectively. Sophomore year, I was selected to write for the Tallahassee Democrat, the local newspaper, on the Teen Board. I joined the newspaper staff junior and senior year as an editor and later, editor-in-chief. After writing articles for the local paper and the Florida Catholic in addition to my work and awards with yearbook and newspaper, I decided to incorporate my journalism and history interests together as a dual major at the University of Florida.

I hope to bring insightful posts to this blog relating  to the fields of journalism, public relations and occasionally history. This summer, in addition to writing articles for the local paper, I am beginning two journalism internships and I look forward for all the exciting experiences ahead.

Thank you for your interest and happy reading!


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